Know the Latest HP Printer: Officejet Pro 251dw

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Know the Latest HP Printer: Officejet Pro 251dw

Looking for a quality and efficient printer at a low price? Then, HP Officejet Pro 251dw Printer is for you.  This printer provides balanced paper handling at a considerable speed. It offers nice text and graphics. At Amazon, it costs around $242.44. Read below for the details.

Know the Latest HP Printer Officejet Pro 251dw 2

Printer Features


251w is best for a small Workgroup or micro-office. It has a 250 sheet-tray which is enough for such small group or office. However, if you need more, an additional sheet tray can be bought. This makes a 500 sheet tray capacity at the maximum. Another feature is its duplexing standard which may come in handy at double sided printing. Finally, 251w also has mobile printing feature like the HP Officejet Pro 8100. You can start printing via the cloud for an Apple Airprint or through an HP ePrint Application using iThings and similar devices.

What makes it more advance than 8100 is that this printer is capable of Wireless Direct. This feature allows you to print using a direct connection to the printer, in case your device can’t connect due to the absence of a WiFi access point. Another advantage of 251w is that it has support for Post Script and PCL.

Speed and Output Comparison


Using a software for timing, the 251w managed print at 6ppm (pages per minute) while the 8100 had 5.9mm record. There is only a slight difference. Compared to Dell 1350cnw Color LED Printer, both are higher as the LED printer prints at 4.9 ppm only.

With regards to output quality, 251w did well on text and graphics than 8100. The downside is that the photos printed on photo paper are not on the same output quality. Nevertheless, this would not matter if the device is used for office needs. The text output does not have the crisp edges for characters which are normally expected from a laser printer. Still, it is still good enough for any business purposes. Another good thing you’d expect from this printer is that the text output is water resistant. It would not smudge or blot when rubbed with a wet tissue.

Running Cost


This 251w has been reported to have a running cost of 7.2 cents per color page and 1.6 cents for a mono page. This figure is much the same as Officejet Pro 8100. This figure is drastically lower than the running costs of the majority of inexpensive laser printers. Thus, it would be cheaper to print on 251w than a cheap laser printer.

If you are only concerned with paper handling and speed, 8100 might be enough for you. However, if you want to have the same printer feature yet a better out quality and other features, HP Officejet Pro 251w Printer is the best choice.

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