Meet the All-Weather Sunbrite 4600HD – Signature Series

Sara Cunningham May 5, 2013 0

There is nothing better than a very sturdy 4600HD, one of Sunbrite’s LCD HDTV, that was made to withstand against wind, rain, snow and even bugs! This TV is ideal for outdoor use like watching near the poolside in a typical hot summer day.

Meet the All-Weather Sunbrite 4600HD - Signature Series 2

Specs and Features


4600HD is like a large black cabinet with its 46 inch screen. It weighs 65 pounds and measures 6.7 inches in terms of depth. You may be disappointed with its bulk but its design has several reasons. The cabinet has 4 cooling fans and space in order to facilitate airflow. It also has blue micro-filters which keep the bugs out! A typical bug kept at bay is a spider which lay eggs and spins webs. They can short circuit the electrical components. Aside from the bugs, the filters also work against grease and smoke from the barbecue and grill menus. Moreover, the TV panel uses CCFL which requires more cabinet space compared to LED backlighting.

Of course, 4600HD has a 1080p panel which has a matte coating. Compared to glossy ones, this panel does not reflect light too much. Thus, it can be watchable even with sunlight around. It also has a high haze coating which reduces sunlight glare. To make it more outdoor-friendly, the cabinet is made weather proof. It is weatherproofed all the way to the ports. Speaking of ports, 4600HD has two HDMI ports and several A/V inputs. It also has PC video and audio input. There is only one US port. These ports can also be protected with a screw-on lid. With these features, water and bugs can’t mess with your connections.



The color temperature of the picture is fairly hot by default. It’s no wonder since it is intended for outdoor use instead of a dark living room or theater setting. Turn on the TV and you’ll get excellent shadow detail and highlight. For optimum performance, the TV also has better color accuracy.

Its downfall would be its backlight. The CCFL panel consumes 215 watts. This is considerably high especially when it is compared to LED-backlit panels. To illustrate, Sony Bravia KDL5X850 is at 47 watts. Another disappointment would be its lack of 3D capabilities and Web feature.



4600HD costs $2,800 dollars and it is quite high for an HDTV which lacks 3D capabilities and Web feature. What makes it worth the price is its solid picture quality plus its sturdiness against weather and bugs.

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