World Cup Test Run: 4K Sony F55 Cameras for Brazil

Sara Cunningham May 5, 2013 0
World Cup Test Run: 4K Sony F55 Cameras for Brazil

Sony F55 cameras for digital cinematography are to be tested in Brazil in a 4k production of the FIFA Confederations Cup. Sony is planning to shoot 3 matches from the sports tournament beginning June 15 with the use of six F55 cameras.

World Cup Test Run 4K Sony F55 Cameras for Brazil 2

The F55 Camera 

The F55 is a new addendum to Sony’s 4K camera line. It was released earlier this year. It can support high speed shooting up to 120 frames per second in 4K. It also has the ability to shoot HD and 4K simultaneously. In addition, the dynamic range is up to 14 stops. This camera has a 35 mm sized super sensor rather than the regular 2/3 inch sensor used in outside broadcasts. This could give a unique experience to live HD TV sports.

F55 Testing 

According to Sony’s program manager for FIFA World Cup 2014, Mark Grinyer, F55’s sensor is still under examination whether or not it is suitable for live sport. It will be the official camera if it works well in the test, the director likes its output, and the price is acceptable to them ($34,000 per unit).  Grinyer announced that there are still problems with regards to the depth of field. He said that there some instances that the shot becomes narrow. He recommends finding the correct balance between the camera lens and focus. Grinyer also said that a mere coverage of the sport with a higher resolution may not excite the consumers. For this matter, he then recommends that the 4K camera must be used in a different style, such using lowdown diagonal shots in tennis coverage. The tennis coverage is also an avenue for F555 to be tested.

Sony’s Comment 

Sony will be working with Host Broadcast Services and FIFA at the Confederations Cup. The tests will determine the extent of the 4K production and also the possible broadcast at next year’s Cup. At the mean time, Sony is still caught up between the broadcasters’ wiliness to make 4K content production and the development of the equipment which is necessary for the content to be transmitted. Sony’s apprehension is that satellite delivery requires a signal of live 4K to be packed in the Video Coding Higher Efficiency scheme which is not practical yet. The company then related that new silicon chip sets would have to be made and incorporated to top boxes to have HEVC signal at home.

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