So Should You Retire your iPhone for the Splendid Samsung Galaxy 4?

Jasmina Lozevska May 5, 2013 0

There isn’t any doubt that the Galaxy list of smartphones from Samsung gives the iPhone a hard time and that’s generally because of its price. As a matter of fact, some iPhone users who are really disappointed by their favorite manufacturer are already looking for some new experience. All the analysts of the smartphone market agree that when it comes to certain innovation plans, Samsung has literally surpassed its biggest competitor Apple.

To be honest, the new Galaxy S4 from Samsung really attracts a big amount of attention on the market. Its higher resolution camera, improved hardware and the bigger screen has made up the minds of all the users who had enough with the long waited iPhone 5S. Truthfully, Apple hasn’t made any specific differences when it comes to the hardware. The company was a year behind the competition for adding the 3G to its device and it took some time for adding the 4G LTE network also. Apple doesn’t offer NFC in its products so far, but its product have the most aesthetic design which has made this device so appealing. Its user interface is easy to use and it’s all about putting the pieces together.


On the contrary, the other manufacturers and Samsung like the biggest competitor, has pushed further ahead with their hardware, new and more powerful processors, expanding its display sizes, adding the NFC, supporting all the latest network speeds and many more things. But for now, Samsung is remaining on the top when it comes to software and a big thanks to Google’s Android OS and the device software of Samsung for this place.

There is no question to be asked anymore about the fast growing popularity of the Samsung’s devices. The Galaxy smartphones has established more room among the users than its “buddy” the iPhone. This is best shown by the recent report from Strategy Analytics firm that filled a statement which said all the sales from Samsung has grown 9 times faster than their biggest competitor Apple during this year’s first quarter.

Slowly we reached the main question, should you retire your iPhone for the splendid Samsung Galaxy S4?

Like all the analysts are guessing, the hardware of the future iPhone devices wouldn’t be very much improved over this present iPhone model. The size will stay the same and the biggest improvement maybe will be in the camera. This can be very good thing if you are looking better camera on the iPhone.

Recently we’ve posted some images just to see the camera quality of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone and the latest iPhone 5 from Apple plus the HTC One. The last device, HTC One, has performed last, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5 really battled through the conditions on which were the photos taken. Either way, in the comparison of the both cameras, there are certain pros and cons. The differences doesn’t seem so drastic just to choose the iPhone over the Galaxy S4 or otherwise.

There is no doubt that the Galaxy S devices line is gaining more and more popularity. While Apple is making its way through releasing just one device per year, Samsung is working their minds off and release two devices just in one year. Google is the big help here with their software upgrades just to reach many of the devices by Samsung.

Me, like the others, don’t expect to see some drastic changes in the next generation iPhone device which is scheduled for launching later this year. I’m expecting some slightly fast processors but will it be enough? – That’s up to you to decide when the time comes.

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