Amazon Kindle Fire to be Available with 10-inch Screen

Jasmina Lozevska May 5, 2013 0

While some of the tablet manufacturers are heading towards making small screen devices, Amazon has something different in mind. As the reports say, this company will be making a huge difference in their tablet plans and it will bring a new 10-inch screen device on the market sometime this year. I’m little bit surprised because I’ve always thought of Amazon as the only tablet maker out there with perfect small screen tablet device. Now they are confronting me with something bigger. It has started small and it has decided now to go bigger.

Amazon is surprisingly expected to bring out some bigger version of its present Kindle Fire tablet model. Slowly and steadily, this company is increasing its tablet sizes. It has started with the 7-inch screen Kindle Fire back in November 2011. This device was followed with the next generation 8.9-inch screen device which was announced in 2012. And now by the end of this year, we will see Amazon increase the screen of its new device and to unveil new 10-inch screen tablet. This was reported by Richard Shim who is a NPD DisplaySearch analyst.

This new biggest (so far) Kindle Fire is scheduled to support the breath taking 2,560 x 1,600 pixel resolution and this is around 300 pixels per inch. This will outrun the present iPad 4 which has ppi of 264, and keeping on mind that this Apple’s product has the stunning Retina display tech, the new Amazon Kindle Fire will be considered as the device with the best display out there. Beside this, it will match the Nexus 10’s screen from Google and with this will tout the highest resolution on a tablet yet.


Shim has said that the mass production of this 10-inch tablet will start somewhere in the Q3 of this year and it will be set for releasing by the end of the year. This is not all that we can expect from Amazon. This company is set to make some refreshment to its 7-inch and the bigger 8.9-inch Kindle Fire devices, with a goal for bringing them to 300 ppi. In the latest numbers announced from IDC, the company was in 4th place overall in shipments of tablets. It took 3.9% of the tablet market and as it seems Amazon is making a bigger move for bringing this number up.

Amazon hasn’t posted any comments about this.

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