Evernote 2.0 to have Recipe Saving Capabilities

Sara Cunningham May 5, 2013 0
Evernote 2.0 to have Recipe Saving Capabilities

You’ve been tired of losing your recipes at home? – Evernote Food has a brand new solution for this. It will feature new saving capabilities and by using Evernote Food 2.0 you can find some new restaurants, as well. Evernote Food, the previous version, has helped you with saving your meals by keeping the notes and pictures of each and every one. This new version also will allow you to save pictures but this time with some updates for finding restaurants and recipes.

While we are at the original Evernote Food version, it includes only one item in the menu: My Meals. As of now, this item will not be so lonely anymore. There are some new sections included like Restaurants, My Cookbook and Explore recipes. Let’s explore these new categories a bit.


  1. Explore recipes will let you do browsing through the enormous selection of recipes. According to Evernote there are thousands of them all over the web. You will even find many recipes from different places and maybe you will recognize them. There are recipes from Clean Eating and AllRecepies.com all stored in one place.
  2. The My Cookbook selection will show you all the recipes you have saved through this updated application. Don’t worry, they will be saved alongside with those you have clipped from the Web. The best thing here is that when you choose to save some recipe, you can add notes and tags in order to find them easily afterwards. Another good thing is that Evernote Food and Evernote are linked and this allows you very easy access to all of your information about the saved food.
  3. Restaurant is the new feature here for this Evernote Food application. You are able to search for restaurants by the type of food you would like to eat at the moment or by its location. In this app, you will find way better results if you search by location than using the type of food. It happens sometimes the restaurants to be miscategorized because they don’t have any Web site or other social media profile.
  4. My Meals is also there in that area and still it’s collecting pictures of all the steps for making a dish. As you know, it can store the notes too and the final product picture.

All in all, this app update makes a way better sense. There are some other platforms that can picture the final product which usually ends up on Instagram and Twitter. This is not a bad thing, but this new Evernote Food was blending in the regular Evernote app when it had only one category (My Meals). People from Evernote now gave you 3 more reasons for using this application, and maybe you can now get rid of all others on your mobile device.

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