Nook Is Becoming a More Demanded Tablet

Heidi Speare May 5, 2013 0


As it seems, the Nook has become more a demanded tablet and really stepped up its game. Barns & Noble has updated their Nook tablets with adding Google Play store on them. And now it gets a full access to all the Android applications out there and Google Play’s media. Acer has gone very creative with the design of its laptop and Staples has become the very first national retailer who is selling a 3D printer.

The Nook HD and Nook HD+ have been updated with the Google Play Store and the Chrome web browser. This software update can be downloaded from the official Barns & Noble site and it will be rolled out to the devices somewhere in the upcoming days trough Wi-Fi. This can be really helpful into the battle with the Android tablets. Before this, the applications were limited on the tablet and with this Google Play adding they have more than just applications. The owners of this Nook tablets can purchase music, movies and other e-books right from their tablet. This also means that you can download the Amazon Kindle application and put it on your tablet. It’s kind of wild that Barns & Nobles is letting access to the competing book stores but it makes its products more attractive with the giving of more choice to the consumers.

Despite all the positive reviews which were given to these tablets, Barnes & Noble has made encountered fierce same as Google, Amazon and Apple did when they have released their own tablets in the previous (2012) holiday season. Looking from the pricing point of view, these products are not very much separated from the competition. Barns & Noble’s applications offers have been on the last place behind all the competition. They worked very hard into expanding its application store but they were unsuccessful. This big drawback gave consumers really good reason for making second thoughts before buying it.


It is rare to see a company store their competitor on its device after making huge investments of time and money to build its own store. But this is swiped away right after the announcement that Barns & Noble gave their costumers a bigger choice of buying apps, movies and books, much bigger than its Nook Store has offered. A report given by Barnes & Noble said that this Nook Store will continue to exist in the future but it will cooperate with Google Play. All the users can import bookmarks from the older browser into the Google Chrome. With these two Nook HD and HD+ tablets you will be able to create 2 profiles for different consumers. Parents will have the power for giving kids access to this newly added Google Play or not.

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