Approval From DOD of iOS 6 Devices for Government Use

Sara Cunningham May 6, 2013 0

The Apple iPhone and iPad will soon be used by the military agencies for their non-classified communication uses to be approved by the US Department of Defense. This is because Smartphones have proven to be effective and efficient for the work. This has been reported by the wall street journal. However, the approval is only for those 6 iOS running devices.

iOS 6 devices get DoD approval for US government 2

WSJ’s Statement

Separately, The Defense Information Systems Agency is expected early this May to rule as the latest operating system in Apple. According to the spokesman of the Defense Department, the iOS 6 conforms to a diverse security requirement guide. That would permit iPads and iPhones to be used by military agencies for Web browsing and email and some other non-classified communications. The Journal has also reported some Samsung gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy 4, will receive similar approval. The statement from WSJ explained that Samsung has been progressively increasing its effort to break into government and corporate markets by appointing a new group of security experts and previous RIM employees to extend the corporations and Western governments.

One of the planes in Samsung to draw more corporate and government customers that was conversed at the 2-day meeting was a dust and waterproof alternative of its flagship the S4 dubbed Galaxy S4 Active, as reported previously by the WSJ. The report has added that RIM says it’s just close in getting permission and needed approvals from the government for its most recent BlackBerry 10 OS. As of February, the BlackBerry has made up the mainstream of the 600,000 devices that were used by the Department of Defense. According to the Pentagon, its networks have approximately 41,000 Apple products, 470,000 BlackBerrys, and 8,700 Android devices.

The Latest Rumors

The New York Times said, that the Department of Defense is within a couple of weeks closer in giving the affirmation for its workers to use Apple iPhones in the security-conscious government agencies and the Pentagon. To begin with, the opening of doors to Samsung and Apple Smartphones of the Department of Defense should not have a main impact on the BlackBerry. It is entrenched, mainly because of its well-built, bequest OS security features.

It’s the U.S. government’s staunch security requirements, especially defense department agencies and intelligence, where the genuine opportunity for Samsung and Apple exist. There are consequences of gaining the blessings of the U.S. government that will pave the way through the business world, on top, modifying the BlackBerry market once conquered.

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