Sony Passed Leading to SmartWatch Development of Apple and Samsung

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Sony Passed Leading to SmartWatch Development of Apple and Samsung

Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc are growing slowly of handset market in $358 billion. Both of which are developing digital watches to allow the users make calls, check map locations, or monitor their physical activities. They may want to talk to Tokyo-based Sony Corp, whose feature-laden SmartWatch, on sale for more than a year, isn’t mesmerizing the masses. The cost is $130 with a touch screen of 1.3 inches; the watch is connected wirelessly to Android Smartphones using the Bluetooth technology. This makes the product exceptional.

Apple to Samsung Develop Smartwatch as Sony 1

SmartWatch Definition

The SmartWatch is about the size of a 2iPod Nano. It is a slightly smaller successor to Sony’s LiveView watch. Sony comes with 1.3 inch, touchscreen, wireless watch that connect to Android Smartphones via Bluetooth technology. It is smaller to LiveView watch of Sony. According to ABI research, about 1.2 M of digital watchers will be released worldwide this year, generating sales about $370 M.

The Rivals

Compared to its rivals, Sony was far ahead and better to release a watch, however, it took more than a basic and simple idea to innovate the product. According to the Sony’s spokesman, it is more about Smartphone accessory than a product as a huge shipment. Sony has been one of the best technology makers in the world.

The Expected Sales

The sales expected to increase since Sony and other developers have enhanced the library with more than hundreds of applications. Clie was the first digital accessory that Sony sells. It is an OS-based that lets uses play games, listen music and watch videos Sony executive, Shoji Nemoto stated that the research for the company has been deliberative, inward-looking and must focus more on the feedback of the customers. Hirai promised to restore electronic operation with Sony by shifting away from unprofitable show and cutting almost 10,000 jobs after taking the top job in April. Sony received 25% Junile Nikkei 225 Stock average rose 48%.

There are also competitors, and that includes Italian I’m Watch, which costs $399. It has access to pebble technology, hundreds of applications which raised over ten million for a watch $150 compatible with both Apple iOs and Android. Sony’s watch will benefit from biometric capabilities and heart rate measurements. According to Michael Morgan, the ABI analyst, the watch also adds qualities than just a simple accessory. It helps and it facilitates in every aspect of life.

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