Acer Goes Level Up to a Whole New Innovative Aspire R7

Sara Cunningham May 7, 2013 0
Acer Goes Level Up to a Whole New Innovative Aspire R7

Aspire R7 is a new hybrid of Acer. It is a strange all in one desktop, tablet and a laptop. This news was previously teased in star trek commercials. The Technology seems to be weird for some people.

Acer Goes Level Up to a Whole New Innovative Aspire R7 2

Expert’s Expectations

Many experts are expecting that windows 8 will lead to a convertible strange touchscreen gadget, but it turns out that the Aspire R7 have become sort of a crazy device because Acer have forgotten the use and purpose of a laptop already. The first thing you will observe in the device is that the trackpad have sited behind the keyboard, which is a sort of confusing until you understand that Acer does not really want people to use the trackpad at all. The reason for this is that Aspire R7 has a new feature called Ezel hinge. This presents a 15.6 touchscreen display which is an outstanding degree of versatility.

You can lay the 1080p touchscreen display, 15-inch totally flat with the device, turning Aspire R7 into some sort of an oversized tablet. You also have the chance to angle the display to sit the flush with a keyboard, thus covers completely the trackpad. The trackpad was not understood by many people as to why it was built in the first place. Generally, the Aspire R7 appears to be extremely well built. It is made up of some kind of aluminium material, and there is practically no flexibility of the device. Conversely, it is very heavy and huge, which means that it is not portable. Perhaps, it is one of the top pieces of Acer hardware which has ever made.


Some specifications of R7 may include 6GB Of DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000, HD webcam with dual mics, 2 USB 3, 1 USB 2 ports, 5.3 lbs and 1.1-inches thin, 500GB SATA HD, paired with a 24GB SSD, and Intel Core i5 1.8GHz processor, with Turbo Boost to 2.7GHz.

Aspire P3 was also announced by Acer. It is an ultra book that is a convertible piece with a detachable display. The Iconia A1 which is a 7.9 inch Android tablet was also announced. Despite the many different models to come, the Aspire R7 has made it to the top rank. The release is May 17 and will be available for sale at Best buy exclusively. You can have a pre order basis for $999.

Overall, the Aspire R7 is strange for most people. But, there are people who love strange things. Acer made the device inspired by innovations. However, the device is not limited to its features because it will be improved according to the user’s feedbacks.

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