Increased Revenue for Up to 140% on Windows Phone Downloads

Sara Cunningham May 7, 2013 0
Increased Revenue for Up to 140% on Windows Phone Downloads

Just like for some people, you have also seen a variety of market share figures and sales that have revealed Windows Phone making stable headway and increasing its consumer base throughout the world. Even if you are not familiar with this one, it is still important to note and know the reasons why it has progressed greatly. Certainly, the numbers may not be that great in contrast to Android, but they definitely look better than the descending trend of BlackBerry. According to the Microsoft Company, the app ecosystem of Windows Phone 8 is doing well so far.

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The Company’s Statement

The Microsoft company stated that Windows Phone 8 is huge for the system as a whole, since the WP8 was released, the app downloads across platforms is doubled. Even better, the news for such developers is that app revenue which is paid has increased for up to 140%. It is overwhelming news for the Company. The ecosystem of Windows Phone 7 was apparently weaker than WP8, since Microsoft made it popular that WP7 devices have left it behind. That kind of position may have affected the ecosystem app before the release of WP8.

The Announcements

Microsoft has announced plenty of interesting news regarding the Windows Phone Store. The Store will be a growing developer payout to Iraq, Montenegro, Afghanistan, Serbia, Ukraine, and Timor-Leste, which makes the total, markets a supportive developer a payout of 122. Microsoft has added fifteen new billing carrier partners since 2012 of August, giving the platform 19 markets composed of 25 supported partners, which is really more than what is offered in Google Play.

Apparently, the Microsoft Company has committed the platform. They worked hard to have a proficient, efficient and very effective ecosystem for developers. There are no reasons of the hindrances as to why the device will not go up, what more could we ask for? When it is combined with WP, everything is possible.

The Interesting Points

There are a lot of other interesting points in today’s announcement, and that includes the fact that the company will allow the developer’s payout in six new markets mentioned above.

Today’s announcement reveals that while the ecosystem of Windows Phone 8 is still juvenile, it is at least increasing at a very reasonable rate – if not now, then soon. Realistically speaking, be viable along with Samsung and Apple. Overall, it just states that its feature is very much convenient and interesting for many people.

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