The Most Controversial Rumor – Microsoft Surface 2 for June

Sara Cunningham May 7, 2013 0
The Most Controversial Rumor – Microsoft Surface 2 for June

Every day we come across different news, some may be factual, while some are untrue. One of the main reasons why technology is interesting because large companies and technology makers won’t stop learning, innovating and creating the devices. What one does and so the other. The main reason for frustrations is the tough rivalries. One of the most controversial nowadays is the Microsoft Surface 2 which will be released in June. Normally, people do not know the essence of this device and why it is made. One thing is certain, given the fact that it is made by Microsoft, it supports quality, flexibility and durability.

Microsoft Surface 2 is a bit smaller. It is a 2nd generation gaming surface tablet which has been rumored for a quite some time. While the owner of the company has not released any statement with regards to the exact date of release, it has been stated that when they have finally decided the exact date of release, everything will be updated.

The Most Controversial Rumor - Microsoft Surface 2 for June 2

Knowing the Expectations

The announcement is actually expected to take place on June 26-28 and will come exactly at the Build Developer Conference. This supports the fact where more information regarding Windows Blue will also be exposed. The term was derived from chain sources that have claimed to have been components of shipping at the end of 2012. Reliable sources told Digimes regarding the latest surface devices that will come out with a 7 inch for up to 9 inch display. It is a smaller version; this makes the device competitive with Nexus 7 and iPad mini.

The crossover of Xbox?

There are also great chances of seeing the Xbox crossover, which could mean that the new tablet of Microsoft Company will be gunning for the PS vita’s likes. It has been rumored that gaming-focused will be the next surface, and if the recent announcement will about to happen this June, it automatically means similar window at the innovative Xbox which will be revealed on May 21.

We should hear this coming 21st of May for us to know if the surface device is separate, or if the Microsoft rolls the overall gaming and users into a single slate? There are still lots of questions which are left unanswered. We clearly need a hint, not for any average people, but for those developers for us to have a huge knowledge with regards to the features and specifications.

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