Ubisoft Version Progression: Watch Dogs for PlayStation 4

Sara Cunningham May 7, 2013 0
Ubisoft Version Progression: Watch Dogs for PlayStation 4

Ubisoft is actually not new to gamers. But, for those who do not know or have not heard of Ubisoft, it is important to note that this company is now progressing by way of creating and introducing the new PlayStation 4 – watch dogs. This latest innovated Playstation game is designed better and more advanced features. It is designed to provide a feeling of console and pleasure in a natural way.

Ubisoft Version Progression Watch Dogs for PlayStation 4 2

Bigger and Bolder

While the version of the PlayStation 4, the Ubisoft’s world adventure Watch Dogs will basically be identical to its PlayStation 3 counterpart, the publisher is actually hoping to push through everything a bit further on the next generation platform of Sony. Speaking on the segment of video on the PlayStation Blog, Dominic Guay, the senior producer has explained the added horsepower of the awaiting platform, which will allow the developer to boost the experience.

Assurance for Gamers

Playing Watch dogs at the PS4 will ensure the utilizations of all console capacities. Therefore, all details of the games are what the developers want to push through. The developers have stated that they have to have more captivations by increasing the connectivity, enhancing the density of things. Basically, it will be a similar gaming experience, but an exaggerated version of the PlayStation 4.

The Video

According to Guay, as he expanded his explanation on the video, the way the developer is aiming to unite both single player and multiplayer. He added, the developers would love to see the player fascinated and happy when he meets other gamers. Developers would also love people to upgrade from a single player up to a multiplayer without the need of leaving the house for lobby, menus, and other popular game settings. The purpose also is to make things naturally and to break the partition between a single player and multiplayer.

Normally, you can hear plenty of features from the developers in the video. But, they are very much open to receive all the suggestions and hear all your opinions for the betterment of their creation. Obtaining and accomplishing a great Watch Dog PlayStation 4 does not mean they end up there. If they hear valuable comments that are helpful, they are willing to upgrade it even more. The question still remains, are you planning to be connected with your next generation comfort to Watch Dogs in the year later? Or do you want to simply stick with the PS3 edition?

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