Updates on Sony Bend’s Uncharted and Syphon Filter

Sara Cunningham May 8, 2013 0

Sony has a lot of studios and each of them has a set identity. To name a few, Sony Santa Monica develops God of War while Sony San Diego is into sports. There is also an Oregon based studio, the Sony Bend. It is best known for its Syphon Filter. You have probably heard about the latest updates of the Santa Monica and San Diego. The real mystery lies with Bend. We have yet to hear developments from the company’s most quiet developer.

Updates on Sony Bend’s Uncharted and Syphon Filter 2

 The Bend and the Uncharted

This developer has launched two Uncharted Games namely the Golden Abyss and the Fight for Fortune. The Uncharted: Golden Abyss was developed by Bend alone while Uncharted: Fight for Fortune was made with the help of One Loop Games. Hopefully, Sony Bend will revisit this franchise again with more stories of Nathan Drake.

The update begins with Ronald Allen, the Senior Game Designer of Sony Bend, giving a talk regarding the lessons that the Bend Studio has learned in the creation of Vita games. During the talk, you can see how the studio developers understand Vita all throughout. They even understand the mindset and behavior of Vita gamers. This is a sign that Bend is focusing on PlayStation Vita. Even if Sony Bend will move into PS4 games, it does not necessarily follow that they won’t have another team of Vita. Bear in mind that the Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a best-seller. It will be probably receive attention and a sequel too.

The Bend’s Syphon Filter

With seven games of Syphon Filter Series, Sony just shockingly introduced Resistance: Retribution, a third person shooter game. However, let us hear what the developers will do after the Resistance series have ended with Resistance: Burning Skies. Will they go back for Syphon Filter?

Well, according to Insomniac, they would not go back to it. Furthermore, there are no definitive plans by the owner of Resistance to continue with the game, as confirmed by Sony. So is there a chance for Syphon? Rumors have been circulating misleading lots of gamers. It has been said that the game will be on the PS3 and Vita in conjunction with the release of Go to War 4. Obviously, none of this ever happened. The best guess we could get on Syphon Filter’s revival is just a maybe. After all, the game series was the original PlayStation’s best seller. Logan’s Shadow and Dark Mirror are having soft initial sales in PSP and PS2.

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