Barnes and Noble Lowering Prices of Nook HD and Nook for This Week

Jaycee De Guzman May 6, 2013 1
Barnes and Noble Lowering Prices of Nook HD and Nook for This Week


Yesterday we’ve made some report about Nook tablet devices and we said that they are becoming more demanded device out there on the market. We also said that Barnes & Noble has made kind of surprising move with adding the direct competitor on their devices. They have added Google Play Store in order to extend their application offers.

Today, this company reports another great thing. Barnes & Noble has chosen to lower the prices of their two Nook tablets, Nook HD and Nook HD+ just for one week. You can choose from both of them. If you pick the Nook HD+ you’ll need to pay $179 and if you choose to pick the Nook HD you’ll need to pay $149 in order to be yours. This one week discount of these models comes after the big announcement which we have mentioned earlier and just in time for Mother’s day.

Starting from today trough these upcoming days and until May 12 (Mother’s day actually), the Nook HD tablet device is available for purchasing starting from $149 for the 8GB model (discounted from $199) and the other 9-inch tablet the Nook HD+ starts with a discounted price of $179 from the previous price of $269. This price is for the 16GB model of the HD+ device. Both of these precuts are offering additional memory storage through the MicroSD slot.



You can find these reduced prices available online at the bookstores of Barnes & Noble and normally on But that’s not all, these tablets are available in some retailers such as Best Buy and Target also. I personally think that these retailers plus Barnes & Noble have stored many of these devices in inventory, but these new lower prices will maybe help them get rid of this problem.

There isn’t any chatter which involves Barnes & Noble and new hardware updates. As it seems, they weren’t so interesting for the analyst but as for now I think the rumor mill will start surrounding this company. They have started making some updates so we could expect some hardware changes to be released later this year. Maybe just one slight speed bump, who knows. Just look at Amazon, they are starting to go bigger with the announcement that its Kindle Fire will receive new hardware changes. And the best thing will be the amazing resolution on the display which will lie down on a new 10-inch screen.

We just need to see will Amazon react on this price dropping from Barnes & Noble. Just few months ago, Amazon has lowered the prices of its bigger Kindle Fire HD to $269. It matched the price of Nook HD+ back then.

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