Microsoft Could learn a lot from Apple Fail

Jasmina Lozevska May 6, 2013 0
Microsoft Could learn a lot from Apple Fail

No, Apple hasn’t failed rest assured. This report is for the acceptance standard on the market. The Apple failures on hardware products are really rare and so does the weak demand which Apple is fixing pretty quickly and good. This is only about the evident weak demands. The thing is Microsoft has got to learn how to do this in order to remain on its place.

Every company has some failures but Apple is very good at covering them and their oversights of the design are pretty good. But will Microsoft adept this? Take the new iPad 4 with the astonishing Retina display for example. It has violated the Apple’s design goal which says: all the products must get lighter and thinner and this results with much cooler, and by any means not heavier and thicker. Apple has fixed up very quickly and just for 6 months later the iPad Mini arrived. It had everything that it needed to have. It was cheaper, lighter and thinner. And this new reinvented iPad was more than a runaway success.

Now, can Microsoft take this example of fast acting?

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The Surface tablet hasn’t seen much of a success yet, but it’s so big and heavy plus expensive. And Microsoft has acknowledged that this is a PC not a tablet, but other observers along with IDC don’t think so and they have all reported that it is a tablet model.  NPD Display search has said something earlier about Microsoft’s new 7.5-inch tablet which is scheduled for this year. Some sources said that this tablet will have a price tag of $400 or maybe slightly cheaper. But it will come much later, so obviously not soon enough.

This can be a problem because both of the present tablets, Pro and the RT, won’t move their place on the market in the upcoming months. And some companies like HP and Asus are going to look so good over Android’s cheaper designs. But let’s not forget Android either.

As it seems this huge company is very serious about doing the Apple thing. It seems like they would want to copy the whole thing that Apple did with its hardware and software designs, and it wants to make its Windows 8 tablet devices successful on the market. But will Microsoft be able to use this formula of success that Apple was using until now? – We need to stay patient and see, but very slight and quick refresh can do the trick.

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