Can Psychosis be Triggered by Facebook?

Jasmina Lozevska May 7, 2013 0
Can Psychosis be Triggered by Facebook?

Don’t be frightened by the title, at least not yet. If you have asked yourself sometime can Facebook lead me to psychosis, you must have answered that question with: Okay, let’s not exaggerate. Well think twice – because some research study showed that Facebook can lead to this sickness. This report was brought by researchers at Tel Aviv University who said that the social networking can make a serious effect on people’s psychological health.

And this is why this news from Israel has caught my attention. The research has showed that Facebook and the other social networks can make anyone vulnerable in the straight direction of delusion and psychosis. And we can all agree people’s perceptions for others around them have become pretty distorted.

Doctor Uri Nitzan from this University in Tel Aviv, alongside with his colleagues have decided to make a research on their patients in a simple context of their relationships online. They have discovered that their patients who were set to experience vulnerability and loneliness due to certain loss of their loved ones, have suffered from some strange negative effects the more they have using social networks. In every case has been found expressed development of psychotic symptoms which included confusion, anxiety, delusions and intense use of these communications trough internet.


Facebook, as the most popular and most ‘populated’ social network, is the most influential in this case, to be honest.

Some of you might argue that the virtue of their loneliness was more vulnerable for making these delusions. But, none of them had previous experience and none of them has suffered from delusional or psychotic symptoms. We are talking about before the Facebook madness had begun.

According to Dr. Nitzan some of these problematic features are issues from spatial and geographical distortion. The people have absence of certain nonverbal cues and enormous tendency for idealizing the person from the other side of the screen, and becoming even intimate with the person before meeting him in person.

It isn’t very hard to think that the healthy minds also begin to absorb something of this previously mentioned distortion. Let’s put it this way, I’m sure that you have refreshed your Facebook site numerous time during you spend time on it. We are doing this with some hope that particular communication form will come from somewhere. For this, Dr Nitzan has said something about “break with reality” which was created trough the Facebook feature “Like”.

One thing is for sure, what is now reported like delusional and psychotic later will be described like a normal human state. Or we can just hope this happens real soon.

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