Samsung Galaxy S4 Advertisement Slams Apple iPhone

Jasmina Lozevska May 7, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Advertisement Slams Apple iPhone

It has been launched officially on the market by some carriers earlier and already this new Galaxy S4 device starts making trash ads about Apple. But what’s important, this device hasn’t met the international launch so far and they are following to denigrate Apple. This newly released ad is suggesting that only the old people own an iPhone.

When we all thought this war was over and Samsung is already feeling tired with the suggestions that Apple has become a falling brand, the people in this company didn’t think so. You might also think that Apple got very much improved with its new iPhone 5 smartphone. Well, think again because the new Galaxy S4 has been launched so fast.

Now because of that, Samsung’s American arm has brought its own style again and they have involved Apple in this story, again. When the competition is involved in a commercial you know what to expect from it. This time Samsung mocked Apple’s iPhone 5, but that’s nothing to surprise us – it’s not the first time they did this with their commercials.

The whole situation in the ad takes us on graduation pool party. You can notice that the cooler people have the Galaxy S4 (the young ones) and the other older and not-so-cool people have the iPhone 5. The older people are actually the parents who are learning from the kids what is the best smartphone out there. Everything seems great. There is food, drinks and many friends. Those who own the iPhone, start realizing how “back in time” they are with their device. These kids with their new technology can answer calls with some simple waving over the device, which really fascinates the parents. They can connect the phones back together in order to transfer certain data between each other.

The main key-sentence which musses from some person was “Some smartphones are smarter than other smartphones?” In the meantime, the new generation continues to make jokes and humiliates their parents with their new tech wizard device. You can see that this new Galaxy S4 from Samsung can even work as a remote control for your TV.

This Apple’s poking stuff has been going earlier but now starts to be really interesting. This reminds us of when Apple was launching many ads which made fun of Microsoft’s PC. How the time passes these ads are really showing the best of its makers. Maybe with the next generation iPhone smartphone we’ll see some ad from Apple headed towards Samsung. I don’t know about you, but personally, I happen to enjoy these ‘competitor-focused’ ads. Can’t wait to see more of it.

Check out the full content of the ad below.


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