Apple in 6th Place now in Fortune 500

Sara Cunningham May 7, 2013 0
Apple in 6th Place now in Fortune 500

Before we start, we need to tell you that Fortune 500 represents a list which is published by the Fortune Magazine. This list ranks 500 companies in US by their gross revenue.  It includes all the private and public companies which have publicly available revenues. These are not the only lists made by this magazine. There are also Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000. This concept for the list was created by a Fortune editor Edgar P. Smith.

Let’s get back to Apple. This mobile device manufacturer took the 6th place on the Fortune 500 list. This is quite an impressive jump from the last year’s 17th place. You can guess who is number one on this list. Yeah you have guessed it right, its Walmart that has the biggest gross revenue for this year. This makes the Cupertino-based company highest ranked of all the other tech companies. Chevron and Exxon Mobil that are big companies for oil alongside with BH are separating Apple from its spot on the pedestal.

Another thing that’s worth mentioning is Facebook finally has found its way to be included into this list. Previously, this company held the 598th place and this year, it climbed its way right through the 482nd place of this Fortune 500 list.


These are not the only companies which were ranked high on the list, not talking about Facebook though because its place is right there close to the bottom. AT&T has a great spot on this list taking the 11th place right before HP Company that happened to find itself on the 15th spot. Verizon is trying to keep the track with its direct competitor and was ranked on the 16th spot among the other top 500 companies. IBM is surprisingly ranked lower on the 20th spot but what is more surprising is that the big company Microsoft has found itself on the 35th place. This is not a low place but as it seems this year Apple took the biggest gross revenue. Amazon is also highly ranked on the 49th place among the other companies.

This is another indication that Apple still remains right on top of the other tech companies with its gross revenue. And also it shows that Apple didn’t suffer much from the low price of the market shares which bugs them off all the time. The Fortune 500 list is made every year and until then these are the some of the tech companies that took the higher spots on this list.

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