Computing Could be Revolutionalized by ORBX Streaming Technology

Alex Bezeau May 7, 2013 1
Computing Could be Revolutionalized by ORBX Streaming Technology


As it seems, the solution for the computing has been found. As the report says, it can be revolutionized by the ORBX streaming technology. This is something good to hear after all, because the computing needed some upgrades after all. Brendan Eich, who also invented JavaScript, is surviving the happiest moments of his life right now.

Eich was very excited when he unveiled his new product which is a browser codec, which he calls ORBX.js. He showed this product right before playing a level from “Unreal Tournament 3” in front of about twenty people. They have all witnessed this occasion which took place in the office of One Market Street at Autodesk. The game was played in a combination of this new codec ORBX and ASM (which was added not long ago). When asked about how long it took to build this codec he laughed and said that it took him a month. But it doesn’t matter because what’s important his work will pay off in the upcoming months or even years.

This ORBX included in the library of JavaScript will be capable for rendering the entire OS in any HTML5 browser out there. This includes the Firefox, Safari and Chrome and this codec tool can be added to a mobile device either. At the launch, Ari Emanuel, a CEO at WME, was also present and all the creators of this new tech searched a way to announce their plans and powers for piracy fighting. This was headed towards especially to the TV industries because with the streaming video material included in the so called “cloud” unfortunately this DRM (digital-rights management) becomes useless. This means end of it because the impact on every system that is based on the JavaScript is multiple. It’s able to run applications on any kind of a device normally with an Internet connection and it can buy the protected materials without the DRM.

So we’ve come to the main question here, what does ORBX.js need in order to work? Not so much, but any browser such as Opera, Firefox, IE10, Safari or Chrome who is HTML5 based will do the trick. But the thing is it needs to support WebGL tech just so it can take full use of the codec’s amazing speed. Right away some important people started making their predictions. Brendan Eich, a CTO in Mozilla, has said that Apple will be the first who will fully include the WebGL and he added that nothing can stop this ORBX tech from making some noticeable changes out there.

The main problem here about this computing maybe will be the money and the bandwidth but there is some sort of solution. Allowing the users to take the full advantage of the fast streaming and HD content as much as possible while putting the wars for the format aside, might do the trick. All in all, ORBX has a bright future and great potential. The price is still unknown but as it seems the service will be purchased per year.

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