Paid Channel Subscriptions On YouTube Soon to Launch

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YouTube is set to make some changes as they bring pay-per-view feature to its channel. In order to see some desired channels on YouTube you need to pay for them for that service. This report came from The Financial Times and they said that YouTube is set to launch a platform which will include content for what we would need to pay. These special channels subscriptions will start somewhere as of this week.

As was said earlier, this platform will try to compete with the other streaming services of this kind and of course the traditional TV. YouTube has contacted several producers for making this streaming service which will require a certain amount of fee. It will be something significant and it will cost from $1 to $5 per month. YouTube wants to bring something which will play the role of an alternative TV platform. This service will bring huge revenue and plus the providers will have the ability to put advertising on their channels. YouTube has declined to comment on this saying that they don’t have anything to report for now. But one person close to the situation said otherwise. According to him YouTube has planned this subscription process for very long time and they want to make it as perfect as possible.

As some rumors say, this channel has been making other plans for charging. YouTube wants you to pay for some advice shows which are broadcasted live, several videos libraries, and other live events such as concerts or maybe unveiling of some smartphone or even another jumping from the universe.

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Right after this announcement, Android Police site has reported that the latest YouTube Android version has shown codes which refers to this paid subscriptions. The sentences generated from the code were:

  • You can only subscribe to this paid channel on your computer.
  • You can only unsubscribe from this paid channel on your computer.

This idea for paid subscription came up a year ago. Salar Kamanagar, a CEO at YouTube, said that they are planning launching a platform which will enable the users to make their own video service. This has been said in February 2012 and this service will be subscription-based plus unique.

If you are up for this challenge and you have some videos to show the world trough some platform plus making some money out of it, this is good news for you. I think that the bigger companies will make a lot of profits with this. For example one tech company makes a video channel and you need to pay $5 per month in order to see live events, conferences, blogs and other stuff all based on the company. They can even bring ads to the party for showing their new smartphone. This is cool idea and the question is why YouTube didn’t make this so far. I’m paying or subscribing to this for sure.

Think of all the other independent creators who are desperate to be hired from a company in order to look after their channel. This service will open lots of possibilities and that is such a good thing.

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