Touchscreen Computers and Tablets to Triumph Market

Sara Cunningham May 8, 2013 0
Touchscreen Computers and Tablets to Triumph Market

When we have made a report about the total earnings of the tablets, we mentioned something about ‘tablets will rule the world in future’. Well, that has been confirmed in a research made by NPD DisplaySearch. They have announced that the number of tablet shipments will be significantly high up to 762 million until 2017. This number is due to the big demand for these touch-screen notebooks and of course the tablet devices.

This number is double up from last year’s number which noticed 367.6 millions tablet shipments. This report claims that very soon the tablet devices will replace the old laptops because all the traditional notebook displays has been replaced with touch-screen technology. Slowly and very steady we are moving towards that tablet era and to be honest I’m truly expecting it to happen.

The shipments of all the tablets are expected to hit the 579.4 million mark until earlier mentioned deadline year – 2017. This will be way up from this year’s shipments which noticed 256.5 million devices. On the other hand, notebook shipments will notice a slightly lower demand with 183.3 million by 2017, down from this year’s 203.3 million devices shipped. According to this report, ultraslim notebooks such as the MacBook Air from Apple will receive a big percentage, bringing its number up to 80% by the year of 2017. The well-known processor company Intel has already started making some changes into the manufacturing of its Haswell processor. In order to be made as perfect as possible and usable for any kind of device out there, it must include a touchscreen support.

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But Intel is not the only company out there that started making products for touch-screen support. Microsoft has even made an OS (Windows 8) designed perfectly for touchable devices. But the report indicated that this will not be the running point which will help the manufacturers sell more devices. The wide range of applications and affordable price will do the trick. I think that these points are important but I’m not buying a tablet or touch-screen notebook without a great design or features.

If this report is true, I can’t wait for this 2017 year to come. I will enjoy seeing everybody doing the work on their tablets. After all, they are much easier to handle and you can easily transfer them from home to work or to coffee shop without your shoulder to fall off.

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