Electronic Arts Receives Exclusive Rights to Star War Games

Sara Cunningham May 8, 2013 0
Electronic Arts Receives Exclusive Rights to Star War Games

Electronic Arts, a game developer, and Disney jointly announced recently that the former will become the exclusive games provider. The games will be based on the series of Star Wars. The fans of the Star Wars will be thrilled since there will be a game of their favorite series. However, are they really happy with these developments?

Electronic Arts Receives Exclusive Rights to Star War Games 2

Electronic Arts’ Assignment

After Disney bought Lucas film a year ago, it closed down Lucas film’s very own LucasArts game development division. This move by Disney indicates that it has a preference to license certain console games instead of developing them in the studio. According to EA’s press release, Electronic Arts  announced that the game developer will also be the sole publisher of Star Wars games. It also intends to create Star Wars games for a “core gaming audience. Furthermore, Electronic Arts also said that its very own in-house game teams namely Dice (development of Battlefield) and Visceral (developer of dead space) will work together with the Star Wars Titles. BioWare, the game team behind Electronic Arts’ current “Star Wars MMO The Old Republic”,  is already commissioned to do the task.

Aside from the assignment of game developer for its Star Wars acquisition, Disney plans to maintain certain rights regarding the development of new titles within the sphere of mobile, tablet, social and online games.

Crowd’s Apprehension

            This arrangement between Electronic Arts and Disney might seem so great. However, there would be no logic in removing the factor  of competition. This will do no good for the improvement of the quality of the Star Wars games. Giving individual licensee of Star Wars games to various developers and publishers  might usher a variety of creative directions and concepts for the Star Wars franchise. By preventing any developer that is not affiliated with Electronic Arts, the succeeding games and apps based on Star Wars will have the same EA effect over and over again. It will be boring as there is no variety in the concept of games.

Electronic Art’s Answer

 However, Fran Gibeau, Electronic Art’s Labels President, answered this issue that every developer has different visions of the  game with the Star Wars concept and universe. Some developers’ idea may be greater than the others. He also added that not all developers can work on their vision unless they decide to work at Electronic Arts.  EA just obtained an exclusive license.

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