Creative Suite is Nixed by Adobe: Only Available with Subscription

Sara Cunningham May 8, 2013 0
Creative Suite is Nixed by Adobe: Only Available with Subscription

Something is going on out here on the web. Right after we heard that YouTube is planning to start a paid subscription process, now Adobe follows that plan and it has announced that they are moving towards a $50 monthly payment for using its new Creative Cloud. I will tell you what is this new Creative Cloud little bit later but for now keep on mind that this will be a substitute of the old Creative Suite software. This Cloud was created last year and until today, both softwares were working side by side.

The senior director for this new Creative Cloud, Scott Morris, has said that himself and the team haven’t any other plans for making other releases of suits and some tools for the Creative Suite. He also added that they didn’t expect this to happen really soon but they are glad also that just for one year that can change their plans and head toward this new product. The explanation is simple. You will not feel some big difference but Adobe will because they are moving towards bigger profits with this plan. It’s great for them because for using Adobe you will need to pay month by month instead of the old plan which you were purchasing only the original CS upgrade.

This new Creative Cloud software will include everything that you need from a company like Adobe. You can find the Refine Edge tool, InDesign, illustrator and of course the Photoshop.


When first launched, subscription for this Cloud software has cost $50 monthly fee plus signing one year deal with the company. Later, they have reduced the cost just for those who were using some old versions of the Creative Suite software and the price tag was $30. But that’s not all because there are some other plans:

  • $75 monthly fee for using the Cloud products without the deal for one year
  • $70 monthly fee for using its Team business version (this is a perfect plan for companies)
  • $10 and $20 per month for those who don’t want the whole suite

The best thing about this new software is that it will be updated all the time and all that is included in that monthly payment. The whole circle goes like this. You are paying for the CC service and with all the money collected from all around the world, the innovators will make an updates all the time and you will feel very satisfied. This is the best plan I’ve heard these days, along with the YouTube subscription plan.

Now, Adobe has made some new updates before this statement. All the CC subscribers will get certain updates for lots of improvements. You will get 20GB storage space for syncing data. Adobe Muse was released officially and this new product will help all the starters out there to create their own Web Page without certain knowledge about programming. This has been made apart from CC and in order to use it you’ll need to pay $15 monthly fee. Adobe has released the new Adobe Edge preview version which is sixth and it includes new Web design tool. Several language supports are included as well with some other new features.

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