iPad Mini With Retina Display May Be Entering Production Soon

Jasmina Lozevska May 8, 2013 0
iPad Mini With Retina Display May Be Entering Production Soon

Finally some news about the new iPad Mini which rumors kind of ended in this period. This comes after the announcement from the Fortune magazine that Apple has climbed over to sixth place on the Fortune 500 list. This new report comes from NPD DisplaySearch, which said that the massive production of this iPad Mini line could start in these upcoming months.

Richard Shim, head analyst for this, said that those months could be June or the production could start latest by July. Keeping on mind that Samsung is over as a supplier for Apple, LG Display was mentioned like the main display manufacturer which will be in charge for this amazing display. This will make the tablet on top of the others with the highest resolution. And according to Shim other display makers will participate in the process but the LG will be the biggest name. He added that he was told that this new iPad Mini will have the same size but bigger resolution of 2.048 x 1,536. This is huge doesn’t it? – Just imagine the clear and bright screen.

This is not the first report we’ve seen and heard about a tablet with high resolution and PPI. Not long ago we said something that Amazon will make several updates to its Kindle Fire making it big enough to compete with the other tablets out there. But that’s not the thing here, its 8.9-inch and 7-inch tablet devices will be upgraded with high density – over 300 ppi.


Some other analysts have said earlier that the people will not make difference between the first version of the iPad Mini and the upgraded version iPad Mini 2 with the earlier mentioned Retina display. But, Shim has revoked it and said that every normal person will be able to notice the difference. And of course we are talking about Retina display here and you can compare the iPad 3 without this display model and the astonishing iPad 4th generation with Retina. You will notice the big difference.

Apple hasn’t made any official comments about its new smaller tablet device but eventually it will came off this summer and if it has the Retina Display it will be accepted even more from the public and from Apple lovers. When the iPad Mini was revealed, every single analyst there has said that it will be big failure. But when the iPad Mini hit the market shelves, the demand was huge and all the analysts were vividly surprised about this. Imagine the demand now with the Retina included. There is a bright future for the tablet market.

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