Vanity Fair Ad Provides Us a Teaser of the Nokia Lumia 928

Jasmina Lozevska May 8, 2013 0
Vanity Fair Ad Provides Us a Teaser of the Nokia Lumia 928

Right after the announcement that Nokia Lumia 928 will soon hit the market shelves, we are witnesses of an ad which was shown in Vanity Fair. In this magazine, you can see the next big thing in camera technology at its best. This PureView tech announced earlier by Nokia will be supported by Carl Zeiss lens and Nokia’s OIS. If you are wondering now what about the other features of this phone, well I will kind of disappoint you because the phone’s specs are still under some heavy surveillance. But we will have the answer on the previously scheduled big Lumia event on May 14.

Let’s get back on the ad shall we? – The picture was posted by Engadget earlier and it showed the new Lumia 928 ad which was featured on the newest edition of Vanity Fair magazine. A person is holding the Nokia device while capturing a photo and by the picture you can notice the Verizon logo. This logo of Verizon is there because these two companies (Nokia and Verizon) have been in talks behind closed doors for a while. And as it seems, Verizon will be the official carrier of this new Nokia Lumia 928.

The picture really represents the new PureView technology and the low-light ability for capturing clear images. The interesting thing is that Nokia has posted this photo even on their web page and they are still really secretive about this new device saying that the people need to be patient and to stay tuned for certain updates about Nokia’s new handset device. But they missed something, if you open the official web page of Nokia and click this ad, look up on the link-bar and you will see that the link says: Nokia928. Strange huh? They are not so secretive after all.


If you are still mad at us about not telling you anything about this device here are some rumors that mention this new Lumia. So far, we heard that this new device will have a 4.5-inch display with touch-screen feature of course. It will feature a great main camera with an 8-mpixels plus the mostly rumored PureView tech. Yeah the design will not be very different but this device will have a full metal body which is great thing.

We will now if this device will hit the market very soon. From all the rumors and speculations it must be that device or Nokia will see a lot of disappointed faces. The big day is 14th of May, stay tuned until then.

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