IOS 6.1.2 or the “Bug Swatter” update

Alex Bezeau February 16, 2013 0
IOS 6.1.2 or the “Bug Swatter” update


It hasn’t been very long since the IOS 6.1.2 update was released for the iPhone 4S. However in this short time a laundry list of complaints have stacked up. Everything from extra battery drain to some really annoying bugs. What’s worse there are a few bugs here that are easily exploitable to give other people who know what to look for and what to do a measure of access on your IOS device. Apple has shown interest in fixing these problems and it seems that this new update released quickly after the last is their move.


The IOS 6.1.2 update will be bringing mostly bug fixes and control to the iPhone 4S. Among the number of bugs to be fixed is the relatively harmful bug that prevents the iPhone 4S from being able to sync up with iTunes and computers. It really is nasty when you want to play around with your numerous apps, music, and other items stored on the iPhone. Closing this bug will give us that choice once again, and if I am a fan of anything, it’s choice.


Then the bug that lets you get around needing to have the iPhone passcode to actually get on and use some features of the device. While IOS 6.1.2 could be handy for the user if they forgot their passcode; typing it in would probably be quicker than going through all the steps for this workaround. Otherwise this could be used to harmful ends if, say, another person got a hold of your iPhone 4S. It wouldn’t matter if some things were locked since they would just be able to get around it. Squashing this bug will let plenty of kids with a nosy brother or sister breathe a sigh of relief. Privacy bugs are never a good thing and I’ll be happy when IOS 6.1.2 rolls around.


However this all could be a bunch of rumors and the bug fixes and update might be a bit longer to implement. Hopefully the rumors turn out to be true so we can squash these bugs and forget they even existed. Maybe the IOS 6.1.2 update might come with a clever new program or something that didn’t make it into the 6.1.1 update. Time will tell, but at least it won’t be long to see if these rumors pan out. As they expect the IOS 6.1.2 update for the iPhone 4S to be released some time before Wednesday, Feb. 20th.

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