Apple and Facebook Stocks Still Good, Says Billionaire

Sara Cunningham May 8, 2013 0
Apple and Facebook Stocks Still Good, Says Billionaire

According to Warren Buffet, the only sport in town are stocks as he said it in the Berkshire Hathaway Meeting. He even said further that stocks are nonetheless the best game there is although the stock market isn’t in the “bubble territory”.

Apple and Facebook Stocks Still Good Says Billionaire 1

Stocks Liked by Billionaires

The two most popular stocks in terms of technology are the stocks of Apple Inc. (the NASDAQ: AAPL ) and Facebook Inc. (the NASDAQ: FB). They are now at the points of inflection. Both stocks still have a positive momentum recently. In other words, they are technically beginning to look better. However, there is still no word from the Billionaire investors or Hedge Funds who are purchasing heavily into popular stocks such as them.

Caution for Stock Buyers

There have been many warnings about buying these stocks. However, you can begin to invest in these stocks slowly especially if you made an investment on SPDR Gold Trust ETF (NYSEARCA: GLD). You are most likely to lose money if you invested on Gold bullion or Gold Futures. Your future with Silver and iSHares Silver Trust ETF (the NYSEARCA: SLV) is the same. The Silver and Gold Market is done, it’s over. Buffet and the rest of the Billionaires have already given a warning that Gold is not a good investment but stocks still are the ones. With these warnings, it should be sufficient for you to stop lending an ear to uneducated newsletter editors and conspiracy theorists especially when they preach on how and why Gold is a safe investment. You should listen to Billionares. They are the models. They are selling Silver and Gold while buying stocks heavily. They know better.

Options for Stock Buyers

If you have a cash to invest yet you are afraid to invest in buying into this stock market, then you must have Billionaire Investors as a guide. Follow onto what stocks they are purchasing. There are advices regarding this stuff on the Billionares Portfolio website. This website offers services for quality stock picking. It has a research service which allows to invest along with the greatest Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds. The owner of the website uses a vast network of contacts. Among these contacts are some of the people at Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds. The website will inform you of what they are investing heavily on. Don’t be afraid of investing in these stocks again. There are billionaires who can help.

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