BlackBerry Q10 Selling Strong in Canada and Britain

Sara Cunningham May 9, 2013 0
BlackBerry Q10 Selling Strong in Canada and Britain

It is not certain if the BlackBerry10 sales are triumphant in the United States. However, we know for sure that these devices are a hit in Canada and Britain.

BlackBerry’s Apprehension

There is this study from Peter Misek, a Jeffries analyst, which suggest that BlackBerry Q10 is having good sales in both areas. The Smartphone users there are enjoying and even anticipating to use another QWERTY handset once again. It’s true that the BlackBerry did not have the sales levels which the investors had high hopes for upon the release of a BlackBerry Z10 with touchscreen only-features. There are some analyst who have the apprehension that BlackBerry Operating System will be forgotten for good.

BlackBerry Q10 Selling Strong in Canada and Britain 2

The Unseen QWERTY Market

The Q10 differs from Z10 in appearance and feature. Q10 has a QWERTY keyboardZ10. On the other hand, operates only on touchscreen feature. The other difference between them is that Q10 has a niche market which is frequently overlooked by manufacturers and investors. Although HTC and other several manufacturers launch QWERTY Smartphone units occasionally, these units are often reserved only for the mid-level and entry-level devices which is commonly seen in emerging markets.

Hope With Q10

Misek further comments that there have been broad sellouts despite generally limited stock. According to their store checks, BlackBerry Q10 has extremely good sales. They are often sold out or have limited availability in most stores across the United Kingdom and in Toronto. Although Blackberry ha not succeeded in the mass appeal hey are hoping for, they still sold over a million Z10 which proves that there are still those who have an interest in a Blackberry Touchscreen.

Going back to the Q10 sales topic, the executives of the Blackberry have been asked about their thoughts regarding the potential ale of Blackberry Q10. They answered and claimed that they will sell Q10 units in the figure of tens of millions. However, as of this date, the tech firm has not yet revealed the number of Q10 units sold in both Canada and Britain. Despite this potential sales claimed by the executives, there are those who believe that the company is struggling with keeping the BlackBerry Smarphone Lines alive in the market. Still, there are still those who believe the contrary. Nevertheless, these queries can only be answered with the company’s release regarding the information of Q10 sales volume.

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