Samsung Galaxy S4: Quick Review of Specs and Features

Sara Cunningham May 9, 2013 1
Samsung Galaxy S4: Quick Review of Specs and Features

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is released. Here is a quick review for those who are interested to buy.


With a very powerful 1080P HD Display at 441 pixel density and a screen size of 5 inches, S4 will produce an image so rich, so sharp and very detailed. The display is perfect for the game experience, photo viewing and video watching. To complement this high end display, it has a quad core processor. However, the display appears dimmer compared to other Smartphones which may not be appealing to some persons. Its internal memory can have 16,32 or 64 GB storage and 2 GB RAM capacity. The memory can be expanded up to 64 GB which means more apps, games , photos and videos. For lens lovers, they will surely love front and back 13 MP cameras with autofocus. There are sensors at the front and LED Flash light at the back. With these selected power specs alone, almost anyone would give a thumbs up.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Quick Review of Specs and Features 2


There are tons of features that S4 have on its sleeves. First on the track is the eye tracking software. A cursor follows your eye movement. The software will know if you are paying attention to the camera or not. It may sound cool but you probably don’t want this in any way. It can be extremely handy if you are the type who always loses the remote. There is also a translation tool which can provide you a verbal or written assistance in any of the 10 stored languages. This is not useful except that it will help you save time by not having to download the Google translate App. Its partner feature is the optical character recognition like translating menus d signs in foreign languages. It can detect texts business card but you can’t automatically add the scanned text directly to your contact

Let us discuss a more useful feature like turning your S4 to a remote. Yes, it can be used to command Blu-ay payers, home theatre system , DVR and TV. Another cool feature is a drama mode. It can be fun but it will be hard getting a clear sequence in the drama mode. Perhaps, the easy mode will interest you. For first time users, this is a great way to familiarize the phone. There are still tons of features which might catch your interest.


The Samsung Galaxy has improved greatly in terms of specs. There are fun and useful features, but there are also useless ones. This would be great for first time Smartphone users , app lovers and techies. For those who just need basic Smartphone features, just hold on to the phone you are holding now.

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