Windows Blue Availability and Pricing to Be Revealed Soon

Heidi Speare May 9, 2013 0
Windows Blue Availability and Pricing to Be Revealed Soon


Remember when we reported all the rumors about the new Microsoft version of their Windows product? – Well the rumors and speculations will be over soon, as the company announced that it will launch Windows Blue and discover its prices very soon. We even saw some print-screens and leaked images about the availability and I’m glad that this so much rumored OS will be out on the market sometime this year.

So what can we expect from this new Windows? In a recent interview, Tami Reller, a CFO at Microsoft’s client division said some things that really attract intention. Here is what she said about this.

She shared a couple of thoughts about the pricing being available in the next few weeks. The details about the go-to-market and packaging will be revealed, as well. Reller confirmed that Blue represents a codename and this new Windows will be just new bigger update to the exiting Windows 8. It will be on the tables just in time for 2013 holiday month and some of the other rumors maybe were right about the August launching goal. She confirmed the earlier given report from Peter Klein about the customer feedback collected from Win RT and Win 8. As it seems and according to her, Microsoft has been focused these past months onto difficult parts of their Win 8 OS and where do people have certain difficulties. The company is heading towards resolving that issue and make an easier way to use this new Windows Blue.



From the interview, we could see that “Blue” will be available for tablets and PCs. It will include support for numerous platforms like the Intel HC processor and the very new Nvidia and Qualcomm chips. She was a little bit mysterious when asked if this will be one time release or it will be upgraded. She answered that we can’t predict if this will go on yearly basis but maybe it will continue. So, we can’t predict (for now) what plans Microsoft has for the future of this product.

To be honest, it seems like we all expect a lot from this Microsoft Blue OS edition. All that rumors and speculations about it, and if it doesn’t come out as we expected it will be all for nothing. There will be someone who will love the OS but someone who will stay with their previous version, but Microsoft can’t satisfy all the consumers out there. There are some stuff which will remain unanswered because Reller denied sharing any more details. But one thing is for sure, we can see this new Windows 8 update even this week.

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