Is Viber A Worthy Rival for Skype?

Jasmina Lozevska May 9, 2013 0
Is Viber A Worthy Rival for Skype?

Would you look at that, Viber is finally growing up and it’s here just to make Skype ‘look bad’. This popular (until now) mobile application has now released its version for desktops. There have been over 200 million users attached to this application and from using it I can tell you that I even forgot about the Skype application on my phone. It will let people make their free calls through their PC.

Yesterday was the day when we heard a report that said Viber has reached the 200 million mark and now it can rest assured in this “200M” society. It has been 2 years since this Viber app has hit the mobile application world, and to be honest many of us were skeptic about this because we have had the Skype back then. As the time passed, Viber has become a must-have application on every mobile device. It has been developed by Viber Media developers and it’s now available in 193 countries.


As you already know, Viber’s speciality was mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. It lets people communicate by free through Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. Now every desktop user has been caught by surprise with the announcement that Viber is coming to Macs and PCs. It has been created just so Viber can be used on every device out there and to use the application wherever you are, home, work, school, or on the go. Key features that are included in this new version are:

v  Very easy calls between the Viber app for mobile devices and the new version of Viber for Desktop. It’s just one click/tap away.

v  The Sent and Received messages will be shown on each device. You will hear a beep when you receive the message.

v  When you erase a conversation, the data will be deleted from every device.

v  Desktop – to – desktop video calls are enabled to all users of this new Viber

But this is not all. The version of the application for Android and iOS got also updated. Now you can make a conversation trough your mobile device with a friend who is using this new desktop application at home. There are some other new features like:

v  Security fix for the Viber version on Android

v  Viber now includes brand new voice engine

v  The performances were much improved

v  You can now experience the new Enhanced photo feature

v  You can find some new stickers as well

v  And the best of these is the Video messages feature

And eventually, Viber has been made very communicative and it can talk to you on 8 new languages now. This makes the total number of 27 languages. It’s becoming more and more clever.

There is no doubt that Skype has been threatened by this, and if the company doesn’t think a way how to make things better, I don’t predict very bright future for it.

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