Map Interface to be Revamped by Google

Sara Cunningham May 9, 2013 0

Upgrades, upgrades everywhere. Well, it was about time for this one. Google said that it has some new upgrades for its Maps Interface. Not some casual upgrades, but the whole interface will be changed, according to some sources and many independent rumors out there. The loudest in this was a site called Google Operating System. This sight is responsible for the Google area and it’s the first in announcing this kind of rumors.

Rumor has it that this company is preparing something very new and different for its maps. According to this previously mentioned source, Google will remove the navigation buttons and the remaining sidebars. Reportedly, Google head its process into making the map more interactive and easy to use. Which is good thing to do, not that this map wasn’t easy to use by far, but changes every now and then makes the product more and more attractive.

When I shared this information with my colleagues, one said to me why is Google making this step when the Maps are continuously updated with some new features? – That’s right. First it spread its “mapping” through 10 more countries in Europe region. And that brings the total number to 40. This is for the so called Ground Truth project which represents big and hard work for 4 years. It’s a combination of photography, human labor, algorithms and licensed map data in order to work properly, to create the best and precise map that is possible. Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Gibraltar, Estonia, Bulgaria and Andorra have been mapped with this project and the feedback from the countries is very positive.


After this, Google has made a tremendous new update which included feature for live transit for Salt Lake City and New York. This feature enabled users to search for live departure times for the busses and in some of the subway stations. This update features service alerts only for the Metrorail in Washington D.C.

This Google Operating System site has showed some maps that represented the new look of the upgrade. If these pictures are true, the sidebar will be placed on the top when you are looking the map in full screen mode. The search results will be going trough user’s recommendations from your friend circles in the Google’s social network Google+.

There hasn’t been any certain information about when it’s going to be launched, but some other rumors which are floating around the Web reported that this new update maybe will be announced on the Google’s I/O which is scheduled next week. This is something nice to hear about, where there’s smoke there’s usually fire and something will definitely be set on fire (launched) next week. Google hasn’t posted any comments about this until now.

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