McAfee Offers Security Tips and Advice: Test Your Passwords

Heidi Speare May 9, 2013 0
McAfee Offers Security Tips and Advice: Test Your Passwords


McAfee has a great record behind them for protecting our computers. But they can’t do all the work by themselves. We need to help them into making our passwords unbreakable or hard to resolve. On that behalf, McAfee is giving us few extra tips how to make our passwords very strong. I know that the pessimist will think that if hacker wants your password he will get it, but first read this report then make conclusions.

When I’m making a new account for some random site or application, I’m always losing several minutes for creating the password. I want it to be unique, strong and easy to remember. Well, McAfee is about to change that because in honor of the “Password Day” by Intel, this company for security offered some tricks and tips how to make them very strong and to make the hacker sweat from the difficult work. Here are the tips offered by McAfee:

  • Never use the same password for several accounts. Try your best to never duplicate it. Try setting one password for social networks, one for your e-mail address and set a brand new different password for your e-banking account. If the passwords for the e-mail and social networks are the same, if breached your bank account will remain safe.
  • The definition for strong password using lots of combinations. In order to be strong, these combined passwords must include upper case characters, write it like you are writing some random phrase and make it long enough. Some sites will let you use the space bar but some will not. If not, use the dashes to separate the words. Always use numbers and punctuation signs. Try using them in logical order because if not, the password will be hard to remember.
  • It doesn’t mean that your passwords need to be illogical in order to be strong. Remember that it’s about the length of it, not the complexity. If you use some complex password like: 5Tr0n6-P@s|/0rD it would take less time to hack and you will have hard time remembering it. But if you use: “my password-is very strong and inaccessible” it will take off every single sweat drop from the hacker and it’s very likely that he will find another victim.
  • Avoid using the “Remember me” section on your devices because if you lose them, the founder can access very easily to all of your accounts.



If you browse to the Intel’s recently launched “How Strong is Your Password” page you will see that there is a section where you can enter your password and see how strong it is and how long will it take to be hacked. Although the site says that the entered password is safe with them and not sent through the internet, I don’t trust them very much. Do not enter your real password, just try different combination and from that make yours.

I’ve already made my password very powerfulJ. Use these tips and you will be more secured than earlier.

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