Will Hulu Be the Latest Yahoo Video Venture?

Alex Bezeau May 9, 2013 0
Will Hulu Be the Latest Yahoo Video Venture?


By the end of the last month, some report floated around that Hulu is not for sale yet, but it may happen soon enough because some big companies are searching a way to purchase it. The report back then was made by AllThingsD. This same source has made another report yesterday which involves Hulu and Yahoo.

As announced that Hulu is spreading a word that is on a sale, Marissa Mayer, a CEO at Yahoo, has been already in talks with the executives of this streaming service. Sources which are very close to this process have reported that Yahoo isn’t made an official bid offer but it will come soon enough. It’s not only Yahoo that is involved in this Hulu race. There is also Peter Chernin with his big investment company Chernin Group, Ross Levinsohn who is a leader at Guggenheim Partners and like a silent competitor there is Amazon.

The meeting between Mayer and Henrique De Castro and Hulu’s owners went behind closed doors. But reports indicated that this meeting was only formal or meeting for making friends. As it seems, Yahoo is making a huge step toward buying the service because according to Mayer, video is very important for Yahoo’s platform properties. In these past months, several indicators shown that Yahoo is working their best for finding the proper source for expanding its video streaming features. This comes right after they have made some extension to their programming and maybe this Hulu service will be the perfect fit for Yahoo.



The thing is, Hulu went on sale in 2011 but the company was on the table just for one year before it was called off. Walt Disney and News Corp. which are the big owners of this company have announced that Hulu got a hold of. It gained some unique strategy from all the owners and they have succeeded to keep the company in that same level until now. But Hulu went through some hard times. Equity Partners which was the co-owner for this company, has suddenly sold its part and NBC Universal just gave up from the company because several restrictions.

And only Disney and News Corp remained owners of Hulu. As the reports say, both owners have several disagreements over the selling because News Corp. wants Hulu to be independent service driven only by subscriptions. Disney has a vision for quite the opposite. This company wants to see Hulu as ads supported service. Beside the buyout from different company, there have been several talks about that Disney can purchase the full stake of News Corp or the other way around. If this happens, Hulu will remain as independent company owned by one of these present owners and Yahoo or the others involved in the purchasing will go away empty-handed.

Hulu and Yahoo haven’t posted any comments about this speculation and to I think that Yahoo is in huge need of this service. The company has to make every proposal possible in order to convince the owners to sell Hulu. Yahoo is a company with great reputation and it will take good care of this service.

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