Interface Update for Nokia Lumia 900 Long Time Coming

Heidi Speare May 10, 2013 0
Interface Update for Nokia Lumia 900 Long Time Coming


After a long time announcing and releasing teasers and rumors, this update has eventually become true. The users of this Lumia 900 from Nokia has been asking every single day when this new scheduled update will be available for their devices. So here are we now, the 7.8 boost is on and available for installing. It gives the interface a very modern look.

This new, speaking from Windows experience, service pack for the mobile software includes a brand new start screen with delightful experience. It has resizable tiles and in order to do that you need just to tap and hold the tile. There have been several added colors of the theme from which you can choose from. The lock screen was awful on this Lumia 900 and that is past now because there are some improvements made to it. Your wallpaper will automatically change and set the photo of the day on Bing. There are some improvements on the security code and this update brings new input protection. The OS version is now “7.10.8862.14” and it has fixed plenty of issues with the Live Tiles. And I think that this will give you joy: look for the many updated applications out there after the update. There are plenty of them out there, find your perfect pick.

If you thought that Lumia 900 and some of the others Windows based smartphones are heading towards dead end with the development of featured software, this update gives them wings. Because if you install the update you will notice the beautiful design of the interface which gives your device a modern Win 8 look.



Nokia is trying very hard to make their devices great. With the Lumia smartphone family they are really making a mark out there on the market. It has been announced that this company will release a new device in this line which is called Nokia Lumia 928. We said earlier that this device will hit the market in these upcoming weeks.

My first handset device ever was Nokia and to be honest, I’m always glad when I hear that Nokia is making something new. This update was long lasted and I’m sure that everybody is saying now “It was about time”. And yes, Nokia will always try hard to satisfy their customers. Looking further for many other scheduled and rumored things, but first things first.

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