Microsoft to Buy or not to Buy Nook Media

Sara Cunningham May 10, 2013 0
Microsoft to Buy or not to Buy Nook Media

This came fast and circulated the Web in a blink of an eye. Some reports say that Microsoft is interested in buying Nook Media. But, why? – Nook has already made an update to its tablets making them Google Play-based. They added this feature just to have expended store which will bring to consumers much more applications. And we were all happy about the announcement and as of now, Microsoft is suddenly interested in buying it. Will this mean that Nook tablets will transform into Windows-based tablets?

As reported, Microsoft has offered $1 billion for purchasing this Nook Media which is led by Barnes & Noble and some other minor investors. The purchase will include the tablets, e-readers, e-books, the whole division of college book and even the digital operation. There haven’t been any official comments for this, both Microsoft and not even Barns & Noble representatives didn’t want to talk about this deal.

Nook Media is on the market for one year. The tablets which are created from this company are Android-based and as we mentioned earlier couple of days ago they added Google Store support. Until today, there have been 10 million devices sold. This number includes the e-readers and the tablets. Not only this, there are 7 million and more users who are active subscribers to this company. Maybe this purchase has to do something with the last year’s investment made by Microsoft to this company. The investment involved $300 million and Microsoft took 16.8% of the Nook’s stake.


There is no doubt that the Nook sales of all the devices are down, but the other features are quite impressively strong. The digital bookstore is took 25% of the e-book market in the U.S, and the subscriptions to the digital magazine is reached 35% on the market. These numbers are good and the company can build even bigger stakes over the years. If bought by Microsoft, there’s no doubt that this company will focus on these features.

So the big question here is can Microsoft really buy this company and does Microsoft need this kind of service? – If you ask me this is just throwing money away for no cause. I know that Microsoft wouldn’t mind this price really much but for what? – They have tablets, they don’t need e-book service or if they need why buying out the whole company which comes with other stuff too?

We will see if Microsoft makes this step and what will happen then.

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