Sony Vaio Fit E Series and Sony Vaio Fit release Date Announced

Alex Bezeau May 10, 2013 0
Sony Vaio Fit E Series and Sony Vaio Fit release Date Announced


This is how it should be done, when a company has a plan to release a new device, it releases two at a time. Or not. I’ve always liked Sony and this company always has a reason to surprise me with their new devices. Until now, its laptops had really great specs and a good reputation. And now, Sony has made an official statement that this company is releasing two laptops at the same time.

These devices are called Sony Vaio Fit and Sony Vaio Fit E. As reported, the second laptop will be made for the mid-segment users or made for economic reasons. But this is not the only thing that was announced. In the same report this company has surprised all of their customers saying that it has made several updates for the present series of their notebooks and computers. With this announcement about the updates, officially I can’t wait them to be released.

Sony has released some of the specs that these two scheduled computers will have. Both of them will support touch-screen feature and will be Windows 8 based. The previous models were designed more for students and business purposes but now with these new devices, Sony is expected to bring its notebooks one level up. This company wanted something different, something that will look expensive but it will remain with the same price, something that will fascinate and will have really good premium design. The numbers will show if Sony will succeed in this purposes after the release.


As it seems these laptops will not leave a big mark on your budget, but the company must have some limit which it would not want to pass. But the price doesn’t matter because keeping on mind what it has produced over the past few years, these devices will be lot more than a simple notebook. There is no even slight doubt that these devices will not worth for the money you need to spend on them.

The Vaio Fit E will be released in two variants. The first is the 14-inch touch-screen model with really good 1600 x 900 resolution. The report indicated that this device will cost you $649. The second variant, the 15-inch Vaio Fit model, will have a slightly bigger display, 15-inch, and it will have resolution of 1080p. This model will cost you $699. The other line, Sony Vaio Fit E, also has 2 variations of models: 14-inch model with 1366 x 768 resolution and 15-inch model with the same resolution of 1366 x 768. Both models will cost you $547 and $579, respectively.

The updates which we mentioned earlier are:

  • 3TB hard disk support for Sony Vaio L PC devices
  • Intel WiDi hence which allows you to send video data to a TV for the Sony Vaio Tap 20 device and for the 15-inch T series ultrabook.

Just to notice one more thing, the both lines of scheduled devices are expected to hit the markets at the end of this month.

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