Windows 8 Tablet’s Revamped Intel Chips Will Improve Tablet Experience

Sara Cunningham May 10, 2013 0

This big chipmaker company Intel has just raised all hopes of the Win 8 tablet users. It is said that this company is making some improvements to their chips in order to give even better and improved tablet experience to the consumers. This could mean a big lift for Microsoft because they have made Windows Blue rumors and speculations official few days ago.

All the analysts are very pleased to hear something like this. All the windows based tablets or the other touch-screen devices out there will have the biggest lift of all with this new improved chipsets from Intel. As it was announced, these new improved design of the mobile chips will be available later in this year. This time of the year will land more chips but we already know who the leader on that market is. Just think of all the devices which will be brought to a higher level with this. The benefit is huge and Intel will receive the whole credit for that.

Some analysts already voiced some expectations for this new designed chip processors made by Intel. We are bringing those notes that are most important.


Glen Yeung, a researcher at Citi Research firm, said that he and his firm are expecting that these new chips to be featured in the new tablets which are scheduled for the second half of this year. As for the smartphones, according to him, Intel will start putting their chips as early as the Q1 of 2014. He is a bit suspicious about this new micro-architecture called Silvermont showing some different and better performance than the Cortex A15 but it’s possible to expose better some specifications which are left behind on the tablet.

Doug Freedman, an analyst in RBC Capital Markets, has said that he is glad that Intel has been making improvements to the performance of their chips. He added that Silvermont is expected to operate at 3x or 5x peak performance. Since ever, Intel was trying to bring more responsive and balanced system and with this newly designed chip with the new architecture method, the switching between low and high performance will be a piece of cake.

These two have a great record behind them and we chose them as the most relevant with their reports. As I always say, every change is better than nothing so, Intel isn’t a company that started working as of yesterday. Because of their bright past, I just know that with this chip upgrade they have the perfect solution for making the devices even more powerful.

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