1 Million Downloads for Facebook Home And New Updates Now Available

Jasmina Lozevska May 11, 2013 0

This recently born product by Facebook hasn’t met the expected numbers. Remember when the conference was scheduled and we expected something else from them? – We were kind of disappointed that they and the skeptics for this feature were the loudest to hear. After few months and some downloads this new Facebook Home applications will get its own update.

According to the social network, people around the world has downloaded this application 1 million times and they are satisfied from this. And now the company has chose to update it. This new update went out there yesterday and you can find it at the Google Play Store and install it. But according to the engineering team who is working on this platform this update will fix the bugs only. In the upcoming days or maybe weeks there will be lots of updates on it.

This Facebook Home app has made some bad first impressions, it has been followed by many negative reviews but it grabbed good success. Facebook even made partners with HTC for launching a smartphone which was called HTC First. It’s fully integrated with Facebook. However, this seemed like a great idea at first but only a month after its launch, it went on sale for only 99 cents. IT was offered by its main carrier AT&T and officially this phone is another flop. Facebook and HTC had some previous attempts to launch a fully integrated Facebook device but the phones went off the sale because the demand was very low. This year’s collaboration is headed that way and as it seems, these two companies will not make another attempt for making a phone. As a matter of fact, you can download and install this application on your own smartphone without any need of buying this HTC First.


Facebook has said that it has heard so many complaints about this application and the team is trying their best to resolve that issues and difficulties with the upcoming updates. They promised some big changes to be made as adding swiping feature for entering your list of friends and folders which will enable easy access to the application.

I said earlier that this application didn’t meet the expected numbers because there are over 1 billion users attached to this social networks and the app downloads are 1 million. You can do the math by yourself and you can see the big difference, as well. Facebook representatives have offered some reasons why people didn’t download this application and they will do anything to bring the application to another level with this previously mentioned updates. But from my standing point, all the people like this application but the issues which this application has, are stopping them from downloading it.

Facebook hasn’t said anything about when these updated features will take place. We just need to stay patient and see what happens in future.

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