3D Smartphone Being Developed By Amazon

Sara Cunningham May 11, 2013 0
3D Smartphone Being Developed By Amazon

I’ve heard something about Amazon making a phone with some quite amazing features but I didn’t really thought about it because we are talking about Amazon here, which we all know is not exactly a phone manufacturer. But, you’ll never know what kind of thoughts have the company’s developers these days. At first I was surprised with this information but then I said to myself why not?

This report that has spread across the web very fast was first released by WSJ and it said that Amazon is making its way into the smartphone market with developing 2 new smartphones. As announced, these devices will support hologram images and one of them will support eye navigation. Maybe this eye navigation system will be the very same system that Samsung was and Apple is rumored to incorporate in their new devices.

The fun part is that this rumored smartphone which will include a 3D system would be seen even without the special 3D glasses. People who are close to this situation and these future Amazon’s plans has reported that the phone will use some kind of new tracking technology which will transform the pictures into 3D and will make the images like they are floating through the display. This whole thing will look like a hologram and it was about time someone to include hologram support in their devices. If this happens to be true, of course.


Amazon hasn’t showed up to comment on this information. However, the rumors are getting louder and louder. WSJ has even said that these smartphones are already in production in Cupertino area in California. As it seems, they are making the phones to be available in the upcoming months.

Back in the day, we heard lots of rumors and speculations which indicated that Amazon smartphone will finally see bright light in some of the last year’s events. But this didn’t happen, but now there is something in these speculations which makes you believe them. We know that Amazon can be very productive with its devices because we can conclude that from its Kindle Fire tablets. But is this company ready for making their way through the smartphone market? – With these kind of smartphones I think Amazon will crush the market even in the first month after they are launched.

Some analysts have said that the manufacturing it will be very tricky and expensive, so we can’t expect low prices and maybe they will pass right through their parole message: We want to make money from the using of the devices, not from the selling.

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