Android gets Facebook Business Pages Similar to Yelp

Sara Cunningham May 11, 2013 0

Ahead of the Facebook Home update announcement, this company has made something new for Android. The app makers brought a newly designed interface which places all the information you need about certain business. It’s very similar to Yelp and maybe the whole idea was to make it that way. It’s working way better now and the local search is very fast.

If you didn’t know by now, Facebook has its own business application for Android where you can find information for businesses. You can find other profiles for public figures, different brands and many other which are incorporated in this application. They announced that many people are using this application called Facebook Pages each day and many of them are accessing this right through their phone. On that behalf, Facebook has made fully redesigned mobile pages application which is easier to handle and it brings easier interaction with all the customers.

The designed is improved and now it includes very clean and much more improved simpler look. You can notice the incredible mobile viewing page layouts. This app gives you the most relevant info about your searched business upfront so you can see the proper information at first. This includes photos, location of the business, projects in process, contact number and much more useful stuff. The view is designed in a way that will give you several ways for interacting with the Facebook Pages. There are the traditional feature “Like” along with the Share, Message and Call features. You can find them perfectly placed on the top of the pages. These improvements of the design are for the people who are looking information. Facebook didn’t forget about the admins of the page and brought some new stuff for them also.


When they enter their page, they can notice all the pined posts hanging on the upper side higher from they were used to be. You, as an admin, can put all of your events and important posts there. They received completely redesigned and much easier mobile management. Now you can switch between admin and public view any time you like and right through your mobile device.

Local searching has become the top goal for Facebook over the past few months. It has been rumored that Facebook will pay $1 billion for purchasing Waze. This will give a large boost to the company into the search market trough the map queries that are enabled through the smartphones.

Facebook didn’t stop growing for a second. Each day it has some new ideas and plans for the future and this company is heading towards them in full speed. That’s way this social network is placed right there where is now and it doesn’t have any plans for slowing down.

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