Image Leakage: Do We Smell a Samsung Smartwatch?

Jasmina Lozevska February 17, 2013 0

Newest rumors suggest Apple’s iWatch is not going to be the only one we’ll be seeing soon. Namely, reports say Apple is not going to be the only one that will expand its market to wrist gadgets.

The Korean company, Samsung,  is most probably going to follow Apple’s steps and manufacture its own smartwatch. The reason for these rumors was a recent leak of photos that clearly show a Samsung Altius smartwatch.

These screenshots of Samsung’s smartwatch appeared online a couple of days after the reports on Apple manufacturing an iWatch device. Samsung’s smartwatch is also expected to come out later this year and instantly become the biggest competitor to Apple’s IWatch.


It feels like we’re about to witness another battle between the two currently leading tech companies and this time, the race will include their upcoming wrist gadgets, known as smartwatches. If rumors about the iWatch and the Altius come out to be true, the war between them will be inevitable.

Leaked pictures of Samsung’s Altius suggest the watch is going to run Google’s Android platform, which is completely logical and expected. We can see from the images that it’s a screenshot from a small gadget, most probably a wearable one and features a screen with a resolution of 500×500 pixels.


However, the images do not show anything definite, so some reports say there’s a possibility they could be fake and they shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

In fact, both the iWatch and the Altius are still just subjects of rumors and their existence hasn’t been confirmed yet. Everything we know about these two products is still labeled as rumors, so time will tell whether the tech world is going to get some interesting additions in the form of smart wrist devices. Stay tuned for more rumors and forecasts on the next competitive devices by Apple and Samsung.

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