Automated Dimming on Google Maps iOS Annoying

Heidi Speare May 11, 2013 0


Apple’s iOS maps aren’t the best thing that happened to this company. It has been struggling to make the maps more precise but as it seems something is annoying the users. It’s has something to do about with the auto-diming feature of the display. This feature is included to save battery life, but those who are using the maps haven’t got any good experience with it. And no, we are not talking about Apple Maps, for a change Google Maps is now included into this issue.

When the newest version or the latest update for the Google Maps on iOS came out for downloading, we weren’t able to see anything that has a feature of diming the display. This feature is there to save battery between the directions which are navigated at the moment, but not right in middle of it. There is no doubt that this feature is helpful when you don’t have any power source to charge your iPhone.

This updated version came up 2 months ago and it includes some great new updates. With this version 1.1 you are able to search all the Google contacts and their addresses if you have saved them before. You can now search for locations of some popular categories like bus stations, gas stations, dance clubs and other stuff. You can set your preferred distance units (KM or Miles) and it has been noted that this update maybe will not be available in some countries.


As you can see there aren’t any indications about diming the display. And in the past few weeks, users are not content because they have trouble with it and they suffered some consequences. This is not the first time we see the dimming option. Google Maps on Android has the same feature but with option for enable and disable. This option has been added because, same as now, the users have been complaining about it. This Google Maps was included in the iOS last year in December and since then there have been only positive reviews and comments about it.

The comments that we have been able to see are about that this new dimming feature is hiding the most important things through navigation. The users aren’t able to see the estimation arrival time and the distance before the next turn. These are not the only indication about the dysfunctional use of this dimming feature.

Maybe Apple will hear the prayers of these users and immediately resolve this issue with bringing an option that it will turn off this function, or some new update which will prevent these issues from happening.

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