Cheap PC’s to be Triumphed by High – End Tablets Nvidia States

Alex Bezeau May 11, 2013 0
Cheap PC’s to be Triumphed by High – End Tablets Nvidia States


Not so long ago, we shared some details from a report which came from NPD DisplaySearch that until 2017 the world will be ruled by the tablets. Since then, many others have accepted that and started make their own prediction about the tablets. We have kind of a similar situation right here. The CEO at Nvidia has said that the PCs will likely be replaced by the tablets in near future.

According to Jen-Hsun Huang, who is the previously mentioned Nvidia CEO, has reported that making a perfect tablet device will be way much better from making and having a standard PC. He said this at the traditional conference for closing the first fiscal quarter. We can see this clearly because we are witnesses of a great computing service which we are able to receive from these new tablets today. He just confirmed that we are heading towards the tablet era and added that he can’t predict great future for the low-end PCs and huge value will be added to the tablets.

After this, this chipmaker company has said that it sees Android leading the way. According to them, this Google’s OS is the perfect way for experiencing a tablet device and receive its full potential. Huang added that the tablet devices that are scheduled to be launched later in this year will receive the new Tegra 4 chip which is set to hit the devices in the fourth quarter.



This Tegra 4 is said to be the fastest mobile processor in the world and it will take your experience to a whole other level way above the other processor chips. As it was announced, this processor will reach new camera capabilities, very fast Web browsing, breath-taking gaming visuals, and a long battery life. This processor targets cars, tablets, and clamshell devices. The mass production of this is scheduled for this year and it’s another model called Tegra 4i will be out there in 2014.

According to Huang, this variant of the processor will target only smartphones because the 4i will include 3G and 4G modem for mobile broadband. As we are at the company, the 1Q earnings were quite impressive. They had $77.9 million as an income or this is equal to 13 cents a share.

Nvidia has proved once again that they have big plans for the future. By bringing the fastest processor available out there on the market for tablets and smartphones, this company will remain on the top of the other chipmakers.

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