Galaxy S4 U.S. Version: Extra Image Processor Needed

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Galaxy S4 U.S. Version: Extra Image Processor Needed

Samsung made various Galaxy S4 Smartphone which includes the U.S. version running on Snapdragon processor. Such version requires an additional image processor so that it can support greatly promoted user features such as the eye-movement recognition.

Reasons for Different Versions

According to IHIS iSuppli, Samsung is selling a different version in South Korea. Such model runs on eight core processor with Octacore Exynos 5 chip. Each chip costs $28, that is, $8 dollars more than Snapdragon according to the market research firm

According to IHS iSuppli, the Octacore Exynos 5 processor enables processor intensive applications which Snapdragon processor cannot. Snapdragon processor would not enable the GS4 Smartphone to support eye tracking feature at its best. Thus, the addition of a Fujitsu image processor is required to support the core processor functions. In addition, the unique eye-tracking feature of the GS4 has been greatly promoted by Samsung so it must function at its best. However, the promotion appears to have worked sporadically for reviewers and early users only.

Galaxy S4 US version Extra Image Processor Needed 2

There were also several features, including smart pauses that were greatly promoted by Samsung during the GS4’s revelation on March 14 in New York, particularly at the Radio City Music Hall.

Comparison and Contrast of Versions

The IHS iSuppli found out that the 16 GB U.S. versions of GS4 include materials worth $229.  The Manufacturing cost of Samsung would then raise the product cost to $237. On the other hand, the ones used in South Korea costs $244 dollars for materials. When manufacturing costs are added, it would be $252.

According to HIS iSuppli analyst Vincent Leung, Samsung made at least 4 versions of the GS4 for several locations, including South Korea and the United States. Leung also added that Samsung is employing its strategy of providing a mobile product which has appealing costs and features plus the adaptation of the device to the tastes of different regions or markets. He also added that this approach is unambiguous compared to the philosophy of its primary competitor, Apple Inc., which believes in one-size-fit-all.

Even though there have been different versions, Leung pointed out that they appear pretty much the same. The South Korean and U.S. models of GS4 can both use the same core features such as display, camera, enclosure and battery. However, there are also differences. Aside from different processors, both versions also have different Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS systems, FM radio and wireless, sensor and interface.

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