Windows Blue: What It Needs to Learn From Windows 8

Sara Cunningham May 12, 2013 0
Windows Blue: What It Needs to Learn From Windows 8

Windows 8 was perhaps largest shake up in personal computers since Windows 95. However, not all were prepared to face the radical change. This long term vision of Windows 8 is commendable. Even the technology enthusiast has come to embrace it. Nevertheless, Microsoft mat has gone too far and too fast for the average PC user, especially those using a non-touch device. The average person, who simply recognizes PC as yet another appliance, does not need to transfer from Windows 7 to Windows 8.

The Criticisms

After 6 months after its launch, Microsoft appears to be listening to the usability criticisms at last. The company is currently developing “Window’s Blue” in order to address the frustration of users with Windows 8. This is a huge mistake and this mistake happened during the worst possible time when desktop computers are trying hard to remain usable in this “post-PC” age.

After recovering from Vista, Microsoft earned a respect for Windows 7. But then again, Windows 8 burned it all. This cycle of hits and misses has been going on with Microsoft and the company cannot afford to continue. This year’s crash in PC sales is partly caused by the continuing rise of the mobile devices and also partly cause to the criticisms against Windows 8. Even if Microsoft can recover with Window’s Blue, it still cannot afford with another cycle.

Windows Blue What It Needs to Learn from Windows 8 2

User’s Reaction

There are people who tend to dislike and label Microsoft as a thing of the past. However, the company’s crime manifested in Windows 8 really deserves their criticism. Windows 8 has just been too fast and ambitious. It is like they are trying to drag users to their so called next stage of computing. If Apple’s Steve Jobs were to do that, he would be called a visionary. However, Windows users do not embrace change simply because there are people who tell them that such change is for the best.

Microsoft’s Move

The most terrible for lots of people is that Windows 8 cannot be fixed in just a few clicks. Microsoft would hide Metro by default. It would be good if they would revert back to familiar Windows features like the start menu. For now, the reputation of Windows 8 is greatly stained. With these criticisms, Microsoft is forced to make a new offering. What remains unclear is whether this so called Blue is to be a free update for windows 8 or be its successor. However, it would most likely be an update.

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