Things to Look for in a GPS Navigation System

Heidi Speare May 12, 2013 0
Things to Look for in a GPS Navigation System


If you are looking for a GPS navigational system and you can’t decide just what to buy, we’ve made a list of 4 very important things that your GPS System needs to include in order to satisfy your needs. What’s a device for navigation if it can’t meet your criteria? Here’s the list, read it and go out there and search for these things.

1. Contacts Integration

Some GPS devices have included this feature but one thing that bugs me the most is that the contacts which are synced didn’t have the addresses. And you can ask yourself what’s the point of having GPS system that doesn’t include the addresses of my contacts?

Some people are really skeptics about this information and they are avoiding this feature for sharing details about them. But some applications out there are best at their business and enable you to share your address with certain people who are chosen by you.

2. Voice feature

When I search for a GPS device I always look for the voice feature. This means that the turn directions must be clear and understandable. This includes names of the streets, highways, boulevards, you just name it. Devices that are using very natural language which gives you certain feel that you are talking to the person who gives you directions are the best. I consider my GPS device to be my friend and, and when it gives me direction it uses the landmarks which are easy to spot.


3. Smooth interface

A very nice designed interface really enables you to go through it without any distractions. When I’m using my GPS system I don’t like to see incoming calls, messages, e-mails, and other sorts of notifications that distracts my attention and I’m looking at it instead of the road. Always look for a system that when you are driving these notifications are set to “snooze” or the indicator is placed in background. It’s up to the innovator to put the important information upfront. If you thought that this is very hard to manage, the manufacturer need to put an option panel where you can choose what’s important and what is not.

4. Smart and precise destination search

Last but not least, this feature drives people crazy. I always want the searched destination to be precise but I always get nearby destination. The engines which are incorporated to do this work are kind of stupid and they need to be made smarter. And yes, the system need to be a little bit smarter to specify the search without me explaining how the system needs to get me the destination.

These are the most common things that you need to look out for before purchasing a GPS System. You deserve to get something that it’s worth your money.

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