Verizon Finally Officially Announces the Nokia Lumia 928

Sara Cunningham May 12, 2013 0
Verizon Finally Officially Announces the Nokia Lumia 928

The Finnish smartphone manufacturer Nokia has been very secretive about this phone, but Verizon hardly waited to announce this new gadget. We had so many indicators and hints about the existence of this Nokia that we never had before. But enough with this we are here to report that this Nokia 928 has became reality and the official carrier is Verizon.

This carrier has announced that this smartphone will start its road through the market on May 16. Verizon added that with this device you will have the amazing camera up in your sleeve and with the new PureView tech plus OIS you will be able to capture your favorite moments even with shooting on low light. With the 8.7-mpix camera, users will be able to record HD videos because it has 1080p option for performing this. The display is just breathtaking. This phone includes a 4.5-inch display with PureView and just by looking at it you will feel like you are looking in something real.

It has built in 4G capability and you can take full advantage of it by sharing your taken photos, videos just with a blink of an eye. The camera has great feature which enables you to shoot 5 pictures in one time and after that you can choose the best of them. You can find on it many applications like the Nokia Music or the VZ Navigator and some other. It will turn your phone into very good tool and you will not separate from it for a second.


As we said earlier, this phone will be available on May 16 and by then this phone is expected to have a wireless charging feature. One slight negative thing about this is the plastic design. We had numerous of rumors saying that Nokia with this phone will bring their developing a level up but as it seems this company is staying on the same spot making its phones with plastic chassis. Not that this is really bad but when aluminum is included right away the phone gets more expensive look and it’s very well protected.

As it seems, Verizon is glad to have this smartphone on sale first, but we will see how the demand will be going when this phone gets available for purchasing. As it was announced this phone will be available in stores and online for $99.99 and two year agreement with Verizon.

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