The Demands of Apple Inc. From Police to Decrypt iPhones

Sara Cunningham May 12, 2013 0
The Demands of Apple Inc. From Police to Decrypt iPhones

While, the Apple Inc. has made another huge success every year, Apple Inc. also faced other questions and this is receiving extreme police demands. The demands targets specifically for the seized iPhone to be decrypted. As reported by the CNET, the creator of the iPhone has made great lists to provide great service and support by avoiding any confusions and puzzling minds during the processing of the requests.

The Case

There is one horrible case happened before the Federal agents investigated the iPhone 4S. It was a man from Kentucky who supplies crack cocaine and was charged, later then. There is no question that Apple had unlocking issues, because the authorized people from an ATF agent contacted them to provide great support in unlocking the devices. Karen Caldwell, the U.S district judge has mentioned one recent opinion that the Apple iPhone is a waiting list due to this case.

The Demands of Apple Inc. from Police to Decrypt iPhones 2

Rob Maynard, an ATF agent said that for three months, he wandered just to find a federal, local or state law enforcement agency that will unlock the iPhone 4S.  Just like other agencies, they admit that they do not have capacity to unlock the phone. The last resort is the support from the Apple Company. According to the legal specialist, Apple Inc. Joann Chang, the unlocking of the phone will take up to seven weeks, Maynard told about this.  The reasons have increased in numerous bases.

The Early Case

There is also one similar case in Nevada, when one surfaced agent was told by a judge that the iPhone will not be encrypted and it will be seized for many reasons.  There is also a problem in iMessage chat service and this is related to the encryption problems faced by the Drug enforcement Administration. This is for the internal document.

Due to these many cases faced by different kinds of people around the world, the documents have shed light on the practice of law enforcement in doing such forensic analysis of the locked phone devices, and this is a growing demand.

The Movement

The Sheriff’s office in Sacramento last year has made possible attachments to mandate Apple Inc to support the agents through bypassing their mobile devices by using the pass code for the agents to search. With this, rest assured that the user’s security is not compromised as it resets the password, rather than breaking and providing a new password to agents. This is one disadvantage, the user needs to get used the new changed password.

This issue is actually under investigation, and is currently working with the authorized investigation people and Ape as their partner on this issue.

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